vile creature

For each cigarette
you smoke,

God takes an hour of your life and
gives it to

Nagito Komaeda.

You! Yes, you! You look to be a red-blooded American! I know you might have the belief smoking is American as apple pie, but there's more to the story than you could possibly even believe! It isn't commonly known, but GOD himself funnels another hour of life from smokers to the body of infamed villain, Nagito Komaeda. Do you really want to feed more life to this insidious creature, this repugnant twink? Every puff you take feeds this monster more and more. Is that what you want?


As a true patriot, I personally went cold turkey to end this criminal's reign and I've never felt better! I finally have a sense of superiority when hanging out with the boys at the bar, and I no longer have a creeping sense of guilt knowing that every draw out of my Lucky Strike lets that anime bastard live another day! How do you like that, God?!

-Charles Stoatson

I love Komaeda, but even I have to admit that this whole ordeal has upset me deeply. He's a shadow of his formal self, and has lived longer than no natural being should. I still adore him dearly, but when more than 6 of your beloved's fingers have fallen off and they're not another skeleton, it's time to move on. I just want what's best for my PissBoy.

-Sans Undertale

Yeahh, I know I kind of haven't talked much in the last few millenia, but I just LOOOVE Komie and always wanna see what he'll do next. So maaybe casting a witch's hex on him wasn't the best idea, and maaaybe he's lost capacity for rational thought, but he stills me laugh < or <3


Twitter for Blackberry

Popipo Pipo PopiPo! Popipo Pipo PopiPo! Popipo Pipo PopiPo! Popipo Pipo PopiPo! (...)

-Hatsune Miku

What just happened, Where am I? 'Cigarette'..?

-Firestar of Thunderclan

Pictures taken instantaneously!
I'm a photographic genius, if I do say so myself!
Okay, get ready for an instant memory!
Look at the camera... Ready...
Say, "fuzzy pickles."

-Camera Man



Nagito for Prez 2023, Baybeee

-Nagito Komaeda

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